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1 Punto "Il Latte del Molino"
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il programma di raccolta punti non è attivo

complete regulation

To be eligible for the prize, it is necessary to cut out and collect only the points found on the bottles of fresh pasteurized whole milk - NOT HOMOGENIZED with the words “il Latte del Molino”. The only VALID POINTS for this prize operation are those with the wording 1 PUNTO which must have the red frame intact. The stitches must be cut out of the packaging and glued in the appropriate spaces provided by the POINTS COLLECTION CARD, which you can request free of charge at La Bottega di Casterno (in Via Monastero 19, Casterno, Robecco Sul Naviglio) or at the Agriturismo Molino Santa Marta (in Via della Valle 9, Casterno, Robecco Sul Naviglio) can also be downloaded from the website

The rewards catalog is available for consultation on the website, as well as the points collection sheet. In each box it is possible to apply only one point until reaching the score related to the desired prize. Before handing in the card, remember to check that the number of points corresponds exactly to what is needed to obtain the prize of your choice.

To request the prize it is compulsory to fill in the PERSONAL DATA FORM in its entirety, in clear and legible block letters. Cascina Santa Marta ss reserves the right not to deliver any prize in the presence of badly completed or illegible forms. If you collect the prize on behalf of another person, you must be in possession of a regular proxy accompanied by a photocopy of an identity document of the card holder. The relative code must be indicated for each prize chosen. Only one point collection card can be used for each award. For prizes with a score higher than 300 points you will need to use multiple points collection cards. The award can be collected at  La Bottega di Casterno (in Via Monastero 19, Casterno, Robecco Sul Naviglio) or in the Agriturismo (in Via della Valle 9, Casterno). Once the validity of the card has been verified, the prize will be delivered to you immediately if available, or in any case up to a maximum of 30 working days from its validation. TO GET THE PRIZE IMMEDIATELY, check availability by calling the telephone number 02 94 70 567. Each person with a card who will come to collect the prize at our factory will be offered a FREE liter of fresh pasteurized whole milk - NOT HOMOGENIZED. The free liter of milk is not linked to the number of cards presented.

The "CALLED A COLLECTION" prize operation is VALID UNTIL JANUARY 31, 2024, except for extensions. The complete and duly completed points collections must be delivered by 31/01/2024. The prize operation is valid in the Lombardy and Piedmont regions and reserved exclusively for adult consumers, resident or domiciled in the territory defined above, who purchase the products involved in the operation for their own use and consumption. Therefore, subjects who have obtained the points in ways other than those described in this regulation and, in any case, in illegitimate ways (including, by way of example and not limited to , the hypotheses of use of points from waste collection, loss or theft). The only points valid for the purposes of this prize operation are the original ones, which can be found on the packaging of the Cascina S.Marta ss brand products regularly and directly purchased. Incomplete collections, delivered after the expiration date (31/01/2023) or with illegible, macerated, irregular, photocopied or non-compliant points will not be considered valid and will result in the cancellation of the request. Any use of counterfeit points will be prosecuted by law. Please note that the photos and images in the catalog are purely illustrative. Any typographical errors will be promptly communicated through the website The recognition of prizes is subject to full compliance with these regulations, available in full on the website  FOR INFORMATION on the availability of prizes, direct withdrawal and more, visit the website www.  or call the telephone number 02 9470 567 (La Bottega di Casterno) or 02 9497 0601 (Agriturismo Molino Santa Marta). Alternatively, write an email to or go directly to our offices, on opening days and times.

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cascina santa marta - azienda agricola cairati

awards catalog

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Mug - Limited Edition

ceramic cup with handle and red interior, capacity 350 ml, dishwasher safe up to 40 °


cod. TA35R

borraccia in vetro - raccolta punti il latte del molino

Glass bottle 

with neoprene sleeve

bottle with a capacity of 500 ml with metal cap and wire handle (Ø 6 x 22 cm)


cod. BV5K4

magliette personalizzate cascina santa marta
magliette personalizzate cascina santa marta

CUSTOM T-shirt


cod. TSP4R

you can choose what to write on the back! (your name but also a phrase or drawing / photo)   in front there is the official logo of Cascina Santa Marta.
available in 
white, black, red, green, blue, purple, fuchsia of the size you want     (colors subject to availability , at least 10 days to be able to produce the t-shirt with the inscription you want)

logo molino santa marta



cod. DEG36

the voucher can be spent at the Agriturismo Molino S.Marta after booking required. the menu includes welcome from the mill, appetizer, two first courses, second courses and dessert drinks  included

Screenshot 2022-11-26 alle 19.55.02.png

"La Bottega di Casterno"


cod. BDC50

the voucher can be spent at the Bottega di Casterno. There are no limitations, you can buy everything  this  that you find in the shop, and can be combined with other discounts and offers

geko - cascina santa marta
ares - cascina santa marta
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