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Business events and Meetings

Our farmhouse offers an ideal location for corporate events. Immersed in nature, we offer a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, ideal for meetings, conferences and other types of events.

As far as catering is concerned, we offer various buffet options for lunch or dinner, all made with fresh, quality ingredients, to delight the palate of your guests.


In addition, we provide professional equipment such as modular stageprojector,I nternet connectionmicrophones and in collaboration with our partners we can create posters and typographic material of all kinds for you, to make your event even more professional.

To receive a price quotation for your next meeting or company gathering, please contact us to agree on the date, spaces, number of people, equipment and menu that best suit your needs. We are at your disposal to help you organize a perfect event, which meets your expectations and those of your guests.


For further information and to book your next meeting or company meeting at the Molino, do not hesitate to contact us at the email:

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